Monday, July 10, 2017

Christmas in July - Day Ten

Things are a little crazy so I scheduled this post to go up today.  I turned to Pinterest and searched "unique Christmas wrapping ideas" and here are a few good ones.

I love this idea especially if there are tickets for a family vacation or supplies for a vacation that's already planned

Little ones would love this

Very creative way to use ribbon

I love Word Searches - I'd get as much enjoyment from the wrapping paper as I would from whatever was inside


  1. Love The adventure/map one! wow... I gave a roadtrip book to ds a few years back... would've been a great way to wrap it.

    Word searches are quite good too!

  2. I've wrapped gifts in maps before, but that tag is very unique. And I love the idea of using a word search as wrapping paper!

    1. It looks like the wings are made from one of those Popsicle craft sticks - they come in all sizes, including a mini one that would be perfect for this embellishment.

  3. What fun ideas. I've been thinking of Christmas, too.