Saturday, July 1, 2017

Monthly Goals - July 2017

1.  Lose ten pounds

I have a head start on this since I've been sticking to a modified Whole 30/Paleo eating plan since I got home from the reunion last weekend and faithfully drinking water every day.

2.  Blog every day

This shouldn't be a problem since it's Christmas in July and that means a daily post!

3.  Leave the kitchen every night the way I want to find it the next morning

I have a bad habit of sometimes leaving whatever dishes we've used for a late evening snack in the sink until the next morning.  Not anymore!

4.  Organize one room

Several of our rooms still have totes from the move stacked up in a corner.  I'm not going to unload them, since there isn't room for the contents in this house, but they do need to be gone through.  I'm still missing three things from the move which I know are in a tote somewhere.  I managed to locate the missing mirror tile for my table centerpieces last month.  It's also a chance to dig out things that can go in the sell or donate pile.  I'm going to list a few things on Ebay and if they don't sell, I'll try taking them to the local consignment shop when they open up again after the summer.

5.  Begin a 12 Cards in 12 Months challenge

I'd love to start a 52 Letters in 52 Weeks challenge but I'm going to start with something that's a little more manageable.  In this age of whip-out-a-quick-email, I'm going to give someone a little surprise in their mailbox each month.

Do you have goals for July?


  1. You have some wonderful goals for July, Pamela! I do have some goals for July and they are over at And I so agree about leaving the kitchen the way you want to find it!

  2. I've been working on organizing one room...the craft room/office... seemingly forever. The answer is get rid of stuff, but I don't want to. (insert foot stomp here) This week I've been working on my desk area. Ugh.