Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Christmas in July - Day Twenty-Six

A couple of variations on the traditional round wreath shape.

Cowboy Boot Wreath - scroll quite far down on the page past a LOT of other fabulous holiday ideas

Vintage Christmas Ice Skate Door Hanger by Holiday Baubles


  1. Cute my sister would love the boot one. I have several antlers here-----should try one with some of them. Have to run that by the guys.

  2. Very cute! I saw the boots and thought "I love them!", then I saw the skates and thought "I love them!" haha!

  3. I have a set of decorative skates that I hang by the back door (where DH and I usually enter the house), and I put a little greenery in them. They aren't as pretty as the ones you have pictured, but I sure do enjoy them.

    I think my DSisIL would especially like the boots.

  4. red boots are lovely!! I would like to do something with skates too