Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome Autumn

It's a bit of a photo-heavy post but I thought I'd share my fall decorations.

Harvest Blessings welcome you at our front door and there are wrought iron pumpkins framing deliciously-scented fall candles on the hall tree.

These two hang from the doorknobs on the corner curio cabinets.

 Welcome Fall flags hang below baskets on either side of this plate rack sitting on a fall runner and surrounded by pumpkins, autumn leaves, and more candles.

Wrought iron and more candles on the coffee table - the house smells amazing!

A cornucopia bursting with fall foliage and there's more pumpkins and gourds in the basket on the shelf below.

Frosted fall fruit in the fruit bowl.

Crocheted fall doilies, made by Madame Cecile, the 90 year-old grandmother of one of the French officers who was stationed in this area a few years ago - I was gifted with a big stack of doilies in various colors.

Fall liners for my Longaberger baskets.

We used to feature this ghost in Sophia's annual Halloween photo to show how much she'd grown.

Scarecrow and pumpkin corner decor.

Snoopy - he has a switch that sets him moving across the floor - MudLynn was not too sure about the whole thing!

For those of you who have our email address, here we are as we3ghosts.

And finally, my tree -  Vic brought the larger one in from storage so I had to go out and buy the supplies to make more decorations to fill in the gaps.  I bought a long garland of leaves and pulled the leaves apart, hot-gluing them in clusters to a fall vegetable that I stabbed with a piece of floral wire.  All I need now is a fall tree skirt.


  1. What a lovely tribute to my favorite season.,. Happy Fall!!!!

  2. Your post was beautiful, I love fall, such warm, rich colors.

  3. Lovely photos and decorating ideas! I especially like the candles on the coffee table and the apples/cider/pumpkins sign!

  4. What great Fall decor! I really like your tree. I have my Fall stuff out too, it's my favorite season.

  5. I STILL have not changed the mantel! Maybe I'll work on it least clear the summer stuff off.

    Yours all looks great, so I feel a bit inspired.

  6. I am glad I'm not the only one who has been bitten by the autumn bug. I did some baking and got a few things out myself the other day. Your decorations look beautiful! Andrea