Monday, February 5, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-4

The weather:::
Thanks, Phil, six more weeks of winter!  High 40s, low 50s all week except for 66 on Wednesday, what's up with that?

On my reading pile:::!

On my TV:::
Not the result we wanted but it was a good game.  Congratulations, Philadelphia Eagles!  I'm working my way through Call the Midwife again.  We watched Britannia which was meh.

On the menu last week:::
So not in the mood for planning or cooking so I think this category will be pitched unless I come up with some amazing meal that I want to share.

Checked off the list:::
  • Had to reschedule the appointment to drop off our taxes since the tax lady had the flu so I'll be taking care of that this coming week.
  • Worked at the gift shop and got away without breaking the bank.  I did pick up some Christmas napkins and tea towels at 50% off and a few ornaments at 75% off.
  • Great outing with the spouses' group to a local Victorian house that is a museum.  We had tea and a tour and it was very interesting.  Tea was quite nice although no cream for the scones so I had to take points off for that.

Crafts roundup:::
Completed One Little Word's assignments for January just in the nick of time and also last week in Project Life.  I'm not enjoying One Little Word as much as I thought I would so I hope it grows on me.  I think it's because I am having a hard time with my word {change}.  Totally failing on the change our eating habits front.  Well, the Super Bowl will do that for you, won't it?

Here's what's coming in the week ahead - will they or won't they?  Honestly,

On the brighter side, this is coming in the week ahead too.

What's your favorite Winter Olympic sport?

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  1. Two great posts in one day! My favorite winter olympic sport is ice skating events, although to tell you the truth, almost every winter sport is fun to watch. I haven't really watched the Olympics in years, it's no fun when they're not live...