Monday, February 12, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-5

The weather:::
It's 65 degrees right now (and we're supposed to have a high of 64 today, how do they figure that one out?  Is right now not today?).  It's also raining and will be until this afternoon.  A perfect day to stay inside.

On my reading pile:::
Oh dear, this is beginning to sound like a broken!

On my TV:::
Still working my way through Call the Midwife.  Vic's traveling this week so I'm also planning to watch the new season of When Calls the Heart.  Happy Dance - a new season of A Place to Call Home is due out this year!

Checked off the list:::
  • Dropped off our taxes so now I'm waiting for our refund.  I'm so happy, after paying the IRS last year, I would have been happy with $1 back but it's quite a bit more than that so that is even better news.
  • Sat in on a board meeting for the gift shop for our spouses' group President.
  • Watched the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics - it was just ok, what did you think?  Coverage of the events has been sporadic although we did catch Red Gerard's gold medal performance.  17 years old, can you imagine?

Crafts roundup:::
Still need to watch the February One Little Word videos and catch up on last week in Project Life.  I ordered some paper from Amazon but it was the wrong size so I had to send it back and reorder so that put me behind a week.  I bought some great Washington digital journal cards and stamps for our upcoming trip.  I'm thinking of making a mini album if I can find one I like.

Vic at breakfast on Saturday morning.  This is his "No, honestly, I'm not looking at the TV screen behind you" look!

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  1. It is cool and sunny here, but supposed to start raining later, so I should be running errands instead of on the computer! :) Hope you have a great week!