Monday, February 26, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-7

The weather:::
After a couple of sunny days this weekend, the temperatures are dropping to the high 50s/low 60s with rain and wind this week.  

On my reading pile:::
Still going through Baking with Mary Berry - a birthday present from Sophia.

On my TV:::
Still in Midsomer (Murders), the most dangerous county in England with a bonus that Vic is now enjoying it too.

Checked off the list:::
  • Lunch Bunch at a Japanese buffet which didn't look like anything from the outside but had delicious food at a reasonable price.  I liked it so much, I took Vic back there for dinner!

Crafts roundup:::
Finally caught up on the February One Little Word videos although the project is to make a vision board and I'm just not feeling it at the moment.  I'm caught up in Project Life; had my photos printed at Walgreen's and they came out great.  I may just do that from now on instead of printing them at home because my ink jet printer is not the best for photos.  On the wish list, a new photo printer.

And in other news:::
I received word on Friday that I did not get medical clearance to go to Okinawa so we're moving on to Plan B.  I will go back to Washington and Vic will go unaccompanied to Okinawa.  It's not really a surprise and since we knew it might happen, we have been talking about Plan B for some time which is really Phase I in our post-Navy retirement planning:  Buy a house in Washington because that's where we want to retire.  We've decided to treat Vic's time in Okinawa as four six-month deployments - we'll get together somewhere for a really nice vacation after each six months.  As quickly as time seems to be passing (it's March already on Thursday!), it will be over before we know it.

Last night, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary which is today.  We went out to dinner at a lovely French restaurant and enjoyed a three course dinner which was delicious and beautifully presented.  25 years, seems like it was yesterday.

Our wedding picture is up in a separate post so here is one from our reception.  What an event that was!  It was held in the backyard of the couple who were our best man and maid of honor; the wind kicked up and blew the flame from under a chafing dish, setting fire to one of the tablecloths (quick thinking by one of the servers averted further disaster), and the same wind destroyed the top layer of our wedding cake (it's a British tradition to set it aside, freeze it, and serve it at the christening of a couple's first child).  We set it aside when we cut the bottom layer and forgot about it.  When we went back to our friends' to pick it up the next day, it was grey from blown dust and dirt and embedded with various bugs who had met their death in the frosting.  It went straight into the trash can!  Great memories to laugh about on our anniversary each year.

And just for giggles this year, we went to the anniversary card section at Hallmark on Saturday, picked out cards for each other, exchanged them, read them, put them back on the rack, and walked out of the store.  Doing our bit to save the planet, one (or in this case, two) Hallmark card at a time!


  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I'm so sad that you weren't cleared for Okinawa. Exciting about buying in WA though. :)

  2. Hahaha, I love your card exchange. I should do that with my husband, he would love it. Takes a lot of pressure off of him to have a card for me on special occasions. I'm sorry to hear you weren't cleared for Okinawa, but I believe everything works out for a purpose. Your time in Washington will be great for your retirement plan preparation. Will Vic still be leaving in the Fall? Happy Anniversary!