Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Blogging from A to Z April (2018) Challenge Sign Up

The Blogging from A to Z April (2018) Challenge is open!  Click on the photo above and pop on over to sign up.

In 2015, my first A to Z Challenge theme was the beauty of Washington (State).  I skipped 2016, can't remember why, but I was back in 2017 with Favorites from my Bookshelves.  Although I wasn't to happy with the way the challenge was set up in 2017, I see that there have been some changes based on the feedback from the participants so I'm going to give it another whirl.  This year, they have reinstated the blog categories which makes it much easier to find bloggers who have similar interests.  Lifestyle and Social, that's me, and I'll be checking out the other bloggers in this category as well as others that interest me.  The theme reveal is scheduled for March 19. 


  1. Excited to read your April posts!

  2. Woohoo! I signed up again, too! Can't wait to see what you write about!