Monday, March 5, 2018

TBB Asks - March 2018

Linking up with The Blended Blog for TBB Asks in March.

1.  Eyelash Curler Yes or No?
Maybe when I was younger but now, no, I don't even think I own one.

2.  Favorite Nail Shade?
In Stitches by Essie.

3.  Favorite Lipstick Shade?
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb.

4.  Blow Dry or Hair Dry your hair?
Blow Dry.

5.  Artificial Nails:  Yes or No?
I used to wear acrylic nails in my twenties but after one episode left my thumbnails damaged, I stopped.  I caved last Christmas when I broke both thumbnails and wanted my nails to look nice for the holidays.

6.  Foundation:  Yes or No?
Not everyday but yes, if I'm going out somewhere.

7.  Hair Up or Hair Down?
Down, it's too short to wear up.

8.  Bar Soap or Body Wash?
Body Wash.

9.  Bath or Shower?
Shower although I long for the day when we have a soaker tub.

10.  Favorite Body Lotion?
Renew by Melaleuca.

11.  Do you wear perfume?  If so, what scent?
Yes, Red Door by Elizabeth Arden.

12.  Do you shave your legs every day?

13.  Favorite Lip Balm?
See #3, I like a bit of color in my balm.

14.  How old were you when your first started wearing make-up?
Oh my goodness, let's see if I can remember back that far!  About 14 I think.  Not at school, though, we had moved to England and if the headmistress caught you with make-up, she'd haul you off to the domestic science kitchen and take it off with lard.  She was also the one who would get down on her hands and knees with a ruler to measure the height of your heels.  We really did try to push the rules in the name of glamour but she wasn't having any of it.


  1. Every time I smell Red Door I think of one of my closest friends.
    Enjoy your week!!

  2. That's a gorgeous nail color, and I forgot how I like the Burt's Bees lip balm. I need to pick some up! It's the perfect hint of color!

  3. Yes! Soaker tub! A regular tub just isn't deep enough to do the job. I'll have to check out Burt's Bees Balm for the bit of color.