Monday, March 12, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-9

Only one more week for the snowy scene.

The weather:::
 Another week where we won't get much above 50 degrees but I'm not complaining because it looks like another Nor'easter is on its way for many.  Stay safe out there!  

On my reading pile:::
I made it to the library and am working my way through this pile.  I think I'll save the bottom one for the planes.

On my TV:::
Still in Midsomer (Murders), the most dangerous county in England, there are 19 seasons after all!  We also finally picked up this from Redbox and I hear that Kenneth Branagh is going to star in Death on the Nile, rumored for 2019.

Checked off the list:::
  • Sat in on the gift shop board meeting for our President who had to work.
  • Hair cut, ordered the door handle for Sophia's car, and lab work.
  • Vic had an overnight underway so I had a lazy day staying in my pajamas longer than usually and binge watching Netflix.
  • We went to see The 15:17 to Paris and I was thinking to myself that the actors were really bad - didn't realize they were actually the real people from the incident.  Kudos to them for giving it a go (acting, that is).

Crafts roundup:::
Caught up with Project Life but now I'm behind again.  The charities paperwork has taken over my craft table so I'm just filing the photos away to have printed later and then I'll put it all together.

And in other news:::
Yesterday was Mothering Sunday, the UK Mother's Day, and my cousin's son put together a film show for the family.  He sent me some of the pictures, ones I haven't seen before.  They keep coming, more for me to add to the Family Album I have plans to work day, when things are slower.

My sister Barbara and I on the beach in Blackpool, England - I think she is about 6 years old which would make me about 12.  I think I have a sixth grade school photo with my hair that length.  This photo is definitely taken from an odd angle because I don't recall having a stomach quite that flat!

Family photo at my cousin Gaynor's wedding; we were still living in Knott End on the northwest coast of England and we moved from there to Manchester in the summer of 1976 so this must be 1975 - I would be 15 and Barbara 9.

Makes me long to get a craft room sorted so I can gather all my photos from several different spots and get them truly organized.  One day.

Did you remember?  Or were you the family arriving at church yesterday as everyone was leaving?

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  1. I love seeing your family photos and reading the stories. You have motivated me to get a page or two done everyday. I caved and got the Project Life app but it's so small on my phone, my attempts are laughable! đŸ˜‰