Monday, February 24, 2014

52 Lists - Week 3 - Your Best Qualities

List your best qualities - 

1.  I'm a loving mother and devoted Navy wife (inserting the word Navy adds a whole new dimension - fellow military spouses can sympathize)
2.  I'm compassionate, although very emotional so if you're having a good cry, I'll most likely be crying along with you
3.  I'm a good listener
4.  I'm happy to give advice based on my life experience
5.  I'm very respectful and try never to forget a thank you note or other common courtesy
6.  I'm a loyal and trustworthy friend
7.  I take pride in my home and am very hospitable
8.  I love to laugh and can have a wicked sense of humor
9.  I'm honest
10. I'm an orderly person and like things to be where they belong - it makes life easier, don't you think?

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