Thursday, February 20, 2014

Travelling on Thursday - Getting to Kettlewell Part II

Last week found us through the air from the States and then on the train from Gatwick Airport to London's St. Pancras station.  It's a short walk over to London's King's Cross station where we take the train to Skipton.

So here we are at the Skipton Railway Station.  I did a little research on the hotels in the area and car hire options.  I found both quite easily - the car hire company will pick us up at the railway station, take us back to their office to complete the paperwork, and we'll be in our hired car in no time.  It a short drive back to the railway station and our hotel is right across the street.

This is the hotel where we plan to stay.  I thought it was interesting that it's called Herriots being that we are all such James Herriot fans.  I went to the website to check the accommodations and could only find information for double rooms so I contacted the hotel directly and received a very nice e-mail reply stating that they did have a room that slept three people which is exactly what we need.  

Now it's more important than ever that I find a flight plan that has us arriving in England in time to catch a train that gets to Skipton in the early afternoon so that we can get our car hire plans sorted and head to the hotel for dinner.

As an added bonus, when we leave Kettlewell the following week, we can drop off the car at the car hire company and they will take us back to the railway station.

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