Thursday, February 27, 2014

Travelling on Thursday - Getting to Kettlewell Part III

Heathlands, Kettlewell

My original plan was to arrive in Skipton on Friday afternoon, stay overnight at a hotel, and then travel to Kettlewell to take possession of Heathlands on Saturday morning as it was my understanding that the week started on Saturday.  Obviously, I had forgotten that British calendars list their days of the week differently, and a week's lease actually starts on Friday.  That means that the hotel stay is no longer necessary as we can travel up by train, pick up the car, and drive straight to Kettlewell (after a quick stop at the supermarket for supplies).

I am thinking that our week is going to look something like this:

Saturday, December 24 - Christmas Eve

Barbara, Paul, Marc and Alex arrive probably around noon so our morning will be spent on a trip to Skipton to pick up groceries or explore the delivery options and see if that's a better plan.  Good topic for a future blog post.  The fresh turkey will be ordered from Sutcliffe's Butcher Shop and again either picked up or delivered.

Barbara's family traditionally eats Grandpa's Spaghetti on Christmas Eve (a tradition from her husband Paul's side of the family) but this year, we're going with the Hendrix side of the family and that means I will prepare a cold ham buffet.  The full roast turkey Christmas dinner will be prepared by Paul the following day.

Sunday, December 25 - Christmas Day

Presents, roast dinner, no doubt endless hands of canasta

Monday, December 26 - Boxing Day

Amusing oneselves with presents, leftover roast dinner, more canasta

Tuesday, December 27

Day out in Harrogate with a stop at Bettys

Wednesday, December 28

Day out in Skipton - Wednesday is a Market Day so weather permitting, we can stroll around the stalls and take Sophia and the boys to tour Skipton Castle

Thursday, December 29

Exploring the local area, again weather permitting

Friday, December 30

We have to vacate the house by 10am and then it's back to Skipton to turn in the car and take the train to our destination for the remainder of our stay.

And that is our week in Kettlewell!

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