Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love to Read

I kept toying with the idea of starting a new theme on Wednesdays but Whimsical Wednesday just sounded so lame, I've decided just to write about whatever strikes my fancy.  Today it's reading.  I was finally able to add something to the "I am reading" category on my Monday morning "The Week Ahead" feature and now I can hardly wait to sit down to read.  I'm seriously toying with telling my family that dinner is whatever they can find in the fridge so I can just curl up with my book.

I've had a couple of reading sites in my Favorites for a while, things I just glanced at and filed away for further perusal.  The Internet is full of amazing sites and there are always things I'm reading about on other blogs, or that have been recommended by friends, or that just catch my eye during a random search.  So many things to read, so little time.  Here's a few on reading.

Then there's a place to read - 10 Gorgeous Retreats Perfect for A Quiet Reading Weekend that I found via Mrs. M's Friday 5: Link Love - I'm rather partial to #2 in Cornwall - the rhythmic sound of waves crashing is music to my ears.

Down to Earth with a Bump introduced me to Monica Ferris in her Book Review No. 26 post.  Although I've yet to read anything by Ms. Ferris, I've got her Amazon page bookmarked and can't wait to check out one of her mysteries.

So there's a few reading-themed posts for you to check, along with two blogs that may interest you...happy reading!

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