Friday, February 28, 2014

January/February Empties

I've really been enjoying the monthly Empties posts over at Florence and Mary and at Mrs. M's Meanderings so I've decided to hop on the bandwagon.  I didn't quite get it together for a post in January so I've decided to do mine every other month.  Drum roll please, here is January/February:

 1.  St. Ives Apricot Scrub - I have to admit that I preferred this product when it came in fat tubs but the tube is the new packaging and although it takes quite a bit of squeezing to get the last drop out, it's still one of my favorite facial cleansers.  Repurchase?  New tube already in the shower.

 2.  My go-to eye makeup remover is the Navy Exchange Select brand, shown here side by side with L'Oréal's equivalent.  Not much difference in the packaging or in the product, but the price, even on sale, is what keeps me going back to the Navy Exchange's brand.  I love that it's not oily, can't stand having to remove my eye makeup with one product and then have to use something else to remove the remover.  Repurchase?  Always have at least an extra bottle on hand so I never run out.

 3.  Boots Extracts Vanilla Bath Goodies - Got these for Christmas (they were on my Target shopping list) and absolutely loved the fragrance, a lovely light vanilla.  The Body Wash made a lovely lather and the Body Scrub left my skin super soft and silky.  Vic's been complaining about his skin being dry so I told him to use the scrub in the shower the other day.  He said he felt like he should be sliced.  Sliced?  He said he smelled like a dessert!  Repurchase? Absolutely!

4.  A less appealing vanilla product was the Body Shop's Vanilla Bliss Shower Gel.  It was part of a gift set, Shower Gel and Body Butter in sample sizes along with a scrubbie/scrunchie thing for the shower.  I found the vanilla scent to be overpowering, almost musky in an unpleasant way.  Repurchase?  No, I'll stick with Boots Extracts.

5.  I used up the last of my favorite fragrance, Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise, but fortunately, Santa had placed a new bottle under the tree for me.  Repurchase? Always.

6.  My current shampoo is Alberto VO5 Strawberries and Creme Moisturizing Shampoo.  It's cheap and works great; they've been in business since 1955 so that's a recommendation in itself.  Repurchase?  Yes.

7.  I've been using Dove Sensitive Skin soap in the shower for ages now.  Sometimes I use body wash and sometimes I use soap, sometimes I use both (why? I have no idea).  It really is great for my sensitive skin.  Repurchase? Yes, another always.

This post takes the place of the usual Friday Favorites feature although I have to say that finding a new beauty product that works is another one of my favorites.

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