Monday, May 4, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-18

Another week down, another week closer to Vic being home.  A little out of the house activity this week but most of it has been in the house bits and pieces.  Three meetings on the calendar for last week - COMPASS Planning Session on Monday was quick and easy as the Team Leader kept things rolling along, Navy Wives Clubs of America Q&A Session was wonderful with lots of questions answered and a meeting with a fellow spouse led to a shopping trip to the mall yesterday.  Apart from those events and a few errands to pick up photos, groceries, and a few craft supplies, I spent most of the week giving the house a thorough spring cleaning.

I drove up to Bellingham with MudLynn on Saturday to meet Sophia's new roommate (for the upcoming school year), Hannah.  She loves dogs but we wanted to make sure that MudLynn loves her back which of course she does.  It should have been a pleasant drive up there but a bad accident meant forty minutes of sitting in traffic at a standstill.  Thankfully, the return drive was quick and easy and I made the ferry without too much of a wait.  While in Bellingham, Sophia and I went to lunch at a great drive-in, drove by the barn to say hello to her coach, and took a quick stop at her new apartment and the park right across the street.  Perfect place to take MudLynn for a little stroll. I am going to miss her when she goes off to live with the college girls but I am still hopeful that there will be something on the job front to keep me occupied.  On that note, I have now completed eight applications and the application period has closed for all of them so fingers crossed that the next step (an interview) is coming soon.

Of course, I couldn't put up a post about last week without a mention of the newest member of the Royal Family - Her Royal Highness Princess ___ of Cambridge.  There is as much anticipation about her name as there was about her arrival.  The hoopla over how fabulous the Duchess looked when she stepped out to introduce her daughter was interesting and brought forth gems like this one:

Those of us who felt and looked like we'd been dragged through a hedge backward after giving birth can relate!

Busy week ahead...all the details next week.  Have a lovely week everyone!


  1. I've seen a few photos of the baby on facebook and she is absolutely precious!!
    I love that your daughter is taking her dog with her to college. When I lived off campus I also had a dog. I cant remember not ever having a dog but for one short time in my life.

    1. Oh and I posted today with link up to your 2 good reads. :)

  2. Excitement this week already!