Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Rudolph Day

The 25th of this month came at the tail-end of Sophia's weekend at home and it was Memorial Day so Rudolph Day just wasn't going to be happening.  As it turns out, today was the perfect day to take its place - nothing on the calendar and Vic had duty.  A whole day to myself to dream Christmas dreams.

This month's task, from Organized Christmas, was catalog shopping tips. I don't think I've ever really thought of using summer catalogs to plan for Christmas.  I always seem to be waiting for the holiday season catalogs to start pouring into my mailbox closer to Christmas.  There were, however, some great tips on using the catalog vendors' slow summer season to watch for clearance sales and to stock your gift closet, and to use the catalogs for gift ideas and inspiration for homemade gifts. I must start looking more closely at the summer catalogs!

It's time to update the holiday letter.  I haven't added anything to the gift closet lately other than the instructions for the holiday candy idea that I modified for July 4th and I used my stash of Christmas paper to pre-cut all the strips that I will need in December. May's frugal finds were jars for Gifts in a Jar; not something I plan to attempt although I might try one of these versions for my Secret Pal:

Gifts in a Jar from one good thing by Jillee
This month's movie was One Magic Christmas which I had never even heard of before and it was cute. I managed to put together all of the July 4th candy packages (photo will be up in a day or so - just need to print the labels) while I was watching.

All in all, another great Rudolph Day.

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  1. I love the gifts in a jar. I think I have even pinned that exact link in the past, though haven't actually made any yet, but keeping the inspiration tucked away for when the right opportunity comes up.