Monday, June 1, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-21

Following Caroline's example over at Mrs. M's Meanderings with a new-for-summer, shortened version of Life Last Week and decided it was time for a new photo as well.


1. Lovely drive back up to Bellingham on Tuesday to take Sophia back to school - it was a beautiful day, smooth sailing on the ferry, and lovely chats about everything and nothing on the trip.

2. A great morning with my Navy Wives Clubs of America sisters putting together toiletry kits for the local women's shelter with lots of yummy food for brunch.

3. My new shoes arrived in the mail from Nordstrom - I scored two pairs of these great loafers in the Half Yearly Sale but since they didn't have my size in one color, they had them sent from another store (free shipping, still at the sale price, LOVE Nordstrom!). Buttery-soft leather, I bought them in Black and this oddly-named color, Luggage.

4. An action-packed disaster movie with lots of great special effects (we're big disaster fans in this household) - you may not want to venture into an underground garage or a high-rise building after you've seen it!

San Andreas

1. Taking Sophia back to school after such a lovely weekend - always tough to say goodbye.

2. Vic had duty on Saturday - I hate weekend duty days, such a waste of a day that could have been spent on a fun outing.

3. Still no news on the job front - ugh, it's taking forever!


  1. I hope you hear about your job soon. It is awful waiting around for a start date. Sounds like you had a good week. I can't decide if I want to watch San Andreas or not? Sounds good though. x

  2. Love the loafers, I hope they're as comfy as they look. I must keep an eye out for that film as I love a disaster movie too.

    Also the first of my Dubai posts should be up on Wednesday

    Victoria x

  3. I love your new shoes! They look so soft and comfortable!

  4. Love your new shoes, they're fab! We're planning to San Andreas, too, but haven't quite got there yet! Must try and put it into the diary this week.