Thursday, June 11, 2015

Monthly To Do List

Something new to keep me accountable - the Monthly To Do List.  Yes, I know it's the 11th so I'm behind already but if I don't get these few things down on paper my blog, I won't be able to report total success at the end of the month. How that for being optimistic?

1. Lose ten pounds.
2. Get back on the Whole 30 and stay on it to aid in losing aforementioned ten pounds.
3. Finish the 2008 Family Album.
4. Empty the "To Be Filed" tray.
5. Buy a new shredder and shred.
6. Rearrange living and family room furniture.
7. Research the best housekeeping plan to be used when I go back to work (ie. Fly Lady) and test it out. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Checklist-type recommendations would be welcome.


  1. To paraphrase FlyLady...You are not behind. Don't try to catch up. Just jump in where you are. :) Amazing that I remember that after all these years, as it's been a long time since I have walked the walk. I indeed learned a lot from following her, and the routines help a LOT, but the emails started driving me crazy.

    Oh, another thing she says...BABY STEPS! Amazing things can happen in 15 minute increments. So work on the To Be Filed tray for 15 minutes. Shred for 15 minutes. It will be there when you come back to it for the next 15.

    I need to jump in again too. :)

  2. Yes, that's good advice so I'm jumping right in and I love the 15 minute plan. Where's my timer?

  3. Just on the back of the other comment I love doing chores in the adverts of tv programmes… I often put the tv on pause when an advert comes up and rush about - amazing what you can achieve in that time.

    Victoria x

  4. Love your to-do list!! Those are great goals!!!