Friday, June 19, 2015

5 on Friday

1. The royal lusciousness continues - the double dose last weekend was quickly followed by the Order of the Garter Ceremony and Royal Ascot week. Oh my, all those fabulous hats.

2. Part II of the future job processing came in yesterday so I prompted filled it all out and sent it back...I'm getting closer!

3. Sophia reported to camp and is having a wonderful time. She's been on a horse already and that's a great start to her summer!

We took a drive out to the camp to make sure she knew where she needed to go on the first day
4. Looking forward to dinner with a new British friend this evening and chatting about all things British.

5. Cooler temperatures predicted for next week and that's always a good thing. We've had a couple of hot, hot days recently and I'm much happier when it's cooler.


  1. Good luck with your job search :)
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

  2. Oh, Ascot has been lovely, hasn't it? So enjoyed looking at what everybody was wearing.