Monday, June 8, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-22


1. Manicure on Monday in preparation for #2 below - love newly-polished nails and loving my new polish, Forever Yummy by Essie.

2. Two fun gatherings last week - the end of the year party for my local spouses' group (catered by one of our members and the food was delicious - wish I had taken some photos) and then the Ladies of Leisure visited the Victorian Tea Room which is always fun.

3. Lovely drive up to Bellingham to pick up the bulk of Sophia's things - beautiful day for a drive. It's finals week next week and then she will be home for the summer.

4. A fun day out in Port Gamble for the Medieval June Faire on Saturday.

This lady was my favorite - her costume was gorgeous and her needlework was exquisite - she was working on a set of embroidered cuffs

1. Saying goodbye to Vic again - he had duty yesterday and then he's off again for a short time.  He forgot his glasses, however, which meant that I had to run them over to him and say goodbye all over again.

2. A little too much sun on my shoulders on Saturday has left me uncomfortably red. Everyone is raving about the high temperatures but I would be happier if they were toned down just a bit.

3. The amount of stuff Sophia's dorm room was able to hold - oh, my aching back!


  1. That color polish is beautiful!! I wrote the name down.
    Sounds like a fun filled week with the luncheons. I know it must be hard to say goodbye to your husband. Good thing Sophia will be home soon.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I love that color red; I'm going to look for that. Of course, I LOVE Port Gamble, too! :-) Looking forward to seeing your summer adventures

  3. Hot temperatures just make a sunburn feel even more tender. Hope your burn heals soon.