Monday, June 22, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-24


1. The PBS (Public Broadcasting Service, our go-to for British programming) line-up and previews last night. The new Poldark was first and as I'm a die-hard fan of the original, I'm having a bit of a hard time seeing the chemistry between the actors that I'm used to seeing. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, however, and keep watching. After Poldark came The Crimson Field and it was excellent. Really looking forward to this series. I also have to put in a plug for Indian Summers; we were treated to a preview and it looks super as well.

2. Pinterest. What would we do without you? I'm busy pinning like mad so I can prepare my Christmas in July posts now that the weekly themes have been announced.

3. Sophia (aka Sprinkles, her camp name) is having a blast at camp. She is in training right now and loving every minute of being around the horses (and as you can see from the bottom right, there is some downtime as well).

4. Lovely dinner and dessert with my British friend and surprise, surprise, we thought that we had Manchester in common but it turns out that we are even more closely connected than we originally thought. She hails from Bury, which is where my parents lived and where we visited in 2003.

5. Toying with the idea of moving from this rental house onto the base to remove the commute for both of us and happy to find out that not only can we get right back on the list (there is still a waiting list), we also get a courtesy move since there wasn't anything available when we moved here last year.


1. Realized this weekend that I'd made an error on Part II of my future job processing which I sent off on Friday. Shot off a quick e-mail to ask how to correct it - hope it's an easy fix.

2. The upcoming weather forecast - hot, hot, hot - you know me, that's the worst news I could hear.

3. Plans to meet up with friends from the Midwest who are traveling in this area may not work out after all. Waiting to hear from them but it doesn't look good.


  1. Good luck on your move. Moving is no fun period! I love Pinterest. I have the app on my phone and I pin when I am on conference calls. SSHhh don't tell anyone. lol

  2. Oh, I hate moving, but I am ALL for lessening commute time...time that could be so much better spent.

    It is so hot here! And SO humid...when I walk outside or get out of the car my glasses completely fog over! UGH!

  3. Sounds like Sophia has found the perfect summer job! I'm looking forward to your Christmas in July posts...hope you have time for them with YOUR new job. :-)

  4. Sophia's summer job sounds fabulous. Be interested to hear what you think of Indian Summers - I found it very disappointing, other than the gorgeous scenery and fabulous fashions!