Friday, April 28, 2017

April Rudolph Day Recap

I realized today that I completely forgot to put up my April Rudolph Day recap.  To start with, I popped Deck the Halls into the DVD player.

The movie is a bit corny, but fun all the same.  

Then I tackled the April project:  Plan Holiday Crafts.  I'm not feeling too crafty these days but I do have one craft project that I'm working on - the ornaments for the Christmas in July Ornament Swap over at the Magical Holiday Home Forums.  I can't post a photo here since a couple of my swap partners might be reading but just imagine Christmas paper, popsicle sticks, glitter stars, a dowel, and some Modge Podge.  Photos will be up after the big reveal in July.  Apart from that, my Plan Holiday Crafts activity consisted of scrolling through all of the crafts I have pinned on Pinterest and deciding which ones I am going to order for my tree because I'll never be able to recreate them one tenth as good as the originals.  I did see a lot of Scrabble tile art that I think I might be able to manage - if I was a garage sale fan, I'd look for old games just for the tiles but since I'm not, and I'm sure you can buy a bag of tiles at a craft store, I'll do that.

This is a cute one and Amanda from Crafts by Amanda has graciously given us the instructions.  I'll think I'll pass this one on to Sophia as well - do you think kindergartners could manage this?

I did some updating in my Christmas planner as well - I have a whole blog post in the works about  my Christmas planner but the planner is not quite photo-ready yet.  Hopefully soon.  I will share my clips from Cherry Blossom in the Market Square Etsy shop - Kayleigh does the most beautiful work.  Here's my collection so far:

The elf marks Elf on the Shelf planner section, initial stockings for family member gift lists, tree for décor lists, and Santa's Helper for other lists - I'll be looking for some new Christmas clips for a couple of other sections.

Also on the April to-list, updating the holiday letter - not so much for me but plenty of travel for Vic - keeping up with the gift closet (one item in there so far), and looking for frugal finds in the Easter Clearance (does 50% off Easter eggs at the British food store count?).

I also spent a good part of the day going through the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Dream Book.  I've narrowed down my selection (from give me one of everything to a little more budget-friendly choice!) and I've decided to wait until they come to the Marine Corps Exchange.  The Navy Exchange is an American Greetings store but the Marines are fully behind Hallmark.  That means discounted prices and no sales tax - win, win.  I'll still go to the ornament premiere at my local Hallmark store but I'll be window shopping only.  Here are the key dates if you haven't received your Dream Book yet:

July 15-23 Ornament Premiere Event
October 7-15 Ornament Debut Event
November 3-10 Holiday Open House Event
December 1-2 Gift of Memories Weekend Event

How was your April Rudolph Day?

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  1. I have failed miserably at Rudolph Days so far this year, but I will do better.

    Your planner and accessories are so cute! I think I have planner envy. LOL But I will just have to appreciate yours since I have come to grips with my limits.