Thursday, April 6, 2017

E is for England

I could spend hours talking about my Favorites from my Bookshelves that have England as their subject matter but I'm just picking one to tell you about today.  My favorite place in England is a little village called Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  We traveled to Kettlewell in 2001 for a family Christmas celebration and everything about the place and the time spent there was amazing.

Shortly thereafter, my dear friend Janet introduced me to the author Gervase Phinn.  He was a teacher, then school inspector, and then went on to be a university professor.  His memoirs of his time as a school inspector in the Yorkshire Dales are a delight to read.  When the synopsis of his first book, The Other Side of the Dale, said it would make you weep with laughter, they were spot on.

Think of him as the James Herriot of education and you'll have some idea what's in store for you.  You have to have a willingness to appreciate the Yorkshire dialect and it's written in such a way that when you say the words aloud, you will truly weep with laughter.


  1. Nice to meet you throught the A to Z, fellow Anglophile! Thanks for the book recommendation. Sounds like a wonderful read.

    When I studied abroad, some other American students and I spent "reading week" (spring break) in the tiny Yorkshire town of Masham. It was quite the adventure, taking the postal bus to and from Ripon to get anywhere else.

  2. I have a cousin that lives in outskirts of London. I MUST go visit soon!!! I still have never been.

  3. Oh, how fun, Pamela!! I am going to go check this book out and see if I can get it on my Kindle!! Sounds delightful!!

  4. Sounds like some interesting stories to be told. Great topic.