Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q is for Quiz Books

My go-to quiz books are the Dollar Store Word Search books - love them!  Crosswords are not really my thing and I haven't been able to master Sudoku at all.  There are also some logic quiz books that can be fun, or mind-rattling!  You know, this sort of thing found at BrainBashers:

At the recent inter-departmental jam making contest, four lucky candidates took part to make the juiciest strawberry jam.

The ages of the contestants were 14, 17, 20 and 22.

As it happens the person who came last was the oldest, whereas Stuart was three years older than the person who came second.

James was neither the oldest nor the youngest and Kev finished ahead of the 17 year old, but didn't win.

John was also unlucky this time and didn't win either.

Can you determine who finished where and how old they are?
Last Christmas, I stumbled across these holiday quiz books at Barnes and Noble.  I thought they would make great stocking stuffers or something I could keep in my purse to work on while I waited for an appointment.  My favorite, of course, is WORD Roundup.

These and a lot more choices are available here.


  1. I'm not real confident in my answers, but here goes.
    James (20) came in 1st
    Kev (14) came in 2nd
    Stuart (17) came in 3rd
    John (22) came in 4th

  2. Quizzes can be so much fun sometimes! :)