Wednesday, December 20, 2017

And Even More Catching Up on December 2017

Day 16 - Gifts

I think I pretty much covered this in Day 4.

Day 17 - Stockings

That's Sophia's stocking on the left - the one I started when I was pregnant and just managed to finish for her first Christmas.  MudLynn's is there on the hall tree and those are our stockings - the red plush ones - on the right side of the hall tree.  Sophia asked for her stocking and MudLynn's this year so I mailed them off to Bellingham with a note that I wanted them back when we finally get back to Washington and can all have a family Christmas once again.

Day 18 - Ornaments

Where shall I start?  Number 1 or Number 825?  Yes, you read that right, 825.  Ornament Collectors Anonymous is calling my name.

Here are a couple of new ones this year - the jaunty sailor from one of my ornament exchange events - not something I would have purchased for myself but he's kind of unique and I'll certainly never forget where I got him.  Check out the little anchor tattoo on his cheek.  On the right is the Sister Chicks ornament I found and purchased for each of the attendees at the reunion this summer.

Day 19 - Holiday Activities

Our holiday activities started back in November with Dirty Dancing on stage and the Harry Potter Concert Series, the showing of the first movie accompanied by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.  Our theatre outings wrapped up last weekend with The Sound of Music - fabulous!  There were three teas on the agenda - one for the two of us which was a disappointment, one for me with the Lunch Bunch which was lovely, and one to come.  There was the Holiday Open House event and another open house this weekend, the Little German Christmas Market, a visit to Busch Gardens, and we'll wrap up the festivities with a Christmas Eve church service followed by fondue at the Melting Pot.

Day 20 - A Beautiful Sight

Fun and laughter at the holidays.
I wanted the perfect shot of the two of us with our holiday-themed Starbucks cups in our hands.  I slipped off the cardboard sleeves whereupon Vic started to have a minor meltdown as the drink was hot and it was burning his hand.  I started to giggle and he looked over at me and we both burst out laughing.  This is the stuff memories are made of.

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  1. Love the Day 20 photo! Wow, you counted your ornaments? Did you count all of them, or just the specialty themed ones? I'm impressed by your collection!