Monday, December 11, 2017

More Catching Up on December 2017

No excuses, my blog has been suffering from the excess of Christmas planning, crafting, decorating, and activities.  Striving to catch up and keep current.

Day 6 - Friends

This tour of duty has been more friendless than any other.  I think it's because Vic travels quite a bit and I want to be here when he will be home.  I just haven't made an effort to seek out friendships like I normally do and it's probably a good thing since we now know that we'll be moving on sooner than expected.  It's not that I'm without friends, it's just that there isn't a group of close friends here as I have had in the past.

My closest friends are all so far away and I am very thankful for unlimited text, talk, and data plans that keep us connected, for email and Facebook, for Christmas cards.  I keep saying that I'm going to take up the 52 Letters in 52 Weeks challenge and maybe 2018 will be that year.

Day 7 - Holiday Movies

I LOVE holiday movies and not just at this time of year.  I love that Rudolph Days bring an excuse (not that I need one!) to pop in a holiday movie on the 25th of the month, knowing that my fellow Rudolph Day friends are doing the same.  My favorite holiday movies are The Holiday, Love Actually, White Christmas, and Christmas Vacation.

Day 8 - Decorations

As you know, this is the year of the Okinawan Christmas.  We have decorated with just what we will be taking with us and even with only six trays of ornaments out of thirty-six, our tree looks very festive and the decor items on the coffee table, dining table, and scattered here and there are those that mean the most.

Mum's Santa and Mrs. Claus knitted from this Jean Greenhowe pattern

Day 9 - Christmas Treats

I was just making a page in my December Daily of these are a few of our favorite things - mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding, Cadbury's chocolates, Mr. Kipling baked items - I love being so close to the British Food Shop and I hope that online orders to Okinawa will arrive without any difficulty.

Day 10 - Weather

I love to see snow at Christmas.  We actually got a little dusting on Saturday afternoon and evening, not enough to stick but enough to look pretty as it was falling.  Last year, we had quite a storm that closed most things here in southeastern Virginia for a couple of days.  It's lovely to be cozy in the house when there is a Winter Wonderland outside.

January 2017

Day 11 - Holiday Reading

Debbie Macomber - I bring out all of her Christmas books at this time of year, Maeve Binchy's This Year It Will Be Different, a selection of Christmas short stories, and anything that has Mary Berry's recipes.

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