Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December 2017 - Day 5

Day 5 - Shopping

The Minimalist(ish) Giving plan makes Christmas shopping pretty easy.  Sophia, because she's so far away, makes an Amazon Wish List for each category and I chose items from there.  She gets just what she wants, she just doesn't know exactly what she will be getting until it arrives.

Vic is not so easy.  "What would you like for Christmas?" is usually met with a blank stare so I spent from January to November, making  mental notes as we stroll through Woodcraft or Home Depot, or as he flips through an LL Bean catalog.  I snap endless photos on my phone when I see him paying more attention that usual to a particular item.  It's a challenge.

My sister and her family get Target gift cards.  They still do the Target shopping trip - everyone runs off and makes a list of what they would like, they meet up and exchange lists, and then the shopping begins.  It's a bit like the Amazon Wish List idea but at Target.  Everyone gets what they want, they just don't know exactly what that will be.

Vic's nephews are a bit more a challenge.  They are far too dependent on electronics and I'd really like to see them get out and do something or use their minds away from a keyboard.  Finding something for them was a real challenge.

Do you have any shopping tips you'd like to share?


  1. Our daughter lives in Japan so the Amazon Wish List is what we use too. And my husband is so hard to buy for, I search all year like you do.

  2. Great post. We & do something similar...
    1. Something they Want.
    2. Something they Need.
    3. Something to Read.
    4. Something to Watch (DVD)
    5. Something Creative (Art Supplies)
    6. Something Cute or Just for fun. usually a cute sign or decoration for their room, or Favorite candy.
    btw have you seen the giant candies at Wal-Mart? can you say toothache : 0
    I try adding something spiritual but usually cant wait for Christmas. This year we got our daughter a new Bible and My Son a new Rosary.

    We always say we will just get 3 items, then 5, then 10....
    We are getting better at it.

    We use to exchange wish list with all the family on Thanksgiving with five items on it including one item from the dollar tree - helped when our kids were little...one year my daughter got her grandma a leopard colored toilet wand lmho

    Amazon Wish lists are great!

    Hope you get everything on yours : )