Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 2017 - Day 14

Day 14 - Christmas Tree

I've had the worst time this year getting a good picture of the tree.  The lighting isn't right no matter what time of day I take it and that window at the back is just awful.  These two turned out about the best and I sized them to extra-large hoping that would help you to see some of the ornaments.  I'll feature some of the ornaments in Day 18.

This is our Okinawa tree - it is decorated with just the ornaments that we will take with us (six ornament trays out of the thirty-six in our collection).  I picked the round balls, the travel ornaments, Sophia's baby ornaments, and one tray that had a variety.  We will store this tree and buy one the same size when we get there.  No doubt it will be loaded since I am sure there will be lots of ornaments to buy as mementos of our time in Okinawa. 

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  1. Your tree is lovely! Is it difficult for you to decide what to take and what to store? Are you limited as to how much you can take? Your upcoming move to Okinawa is fascinating to me.