Thursday, January 25, 2018

January Rudolph Day

January was all about tying up loose ends, gathering ideas, and organizing your Christmas notebook.  There were a lot of loose ends around the house:

Clockwise from top left:  Vic bought a fresh wreath from one of his co-workers and it's time to bid it farewell (I did take off the embellishments to reuse); miscellaneous ornaments I hadn't put away (the three-tier tub needed to be inventoried); the tins holding the ornament hangers, spare bulbs, and other bits and pieces that always seem to be among the last things to put away; naughty and nice mugs; a box with gift tags and bits of ribbons; our Christmas cards, a gift photobook, and my December Daily 2017 album.  I'm happy to say that they are now all in their assigned Christmas tub, box, or closet.

A double-feature for the Rudolph Day move today, A Christmas Kiss and Christmas Kiss II, both very enjoyable.

I also organized my planner, updating the gift list for my nephews, and found the ornament I plan to make for the Christmas in July Ornament Swap with my Magical Holiday Home friends.  I can't post it here because a couple of them read my blog but I can tell you it's really cute.

I hope you had an enjoyable Rudolph Day!


  1. Happy Rudolph Day to you! Seems you got to enjoy it quite a bit. Have not found or watched Christmas Kiss I but it's on my list. Had already seen Christmas Kiss II. I got to watch a Christmas movie, have tea and knit for Rudolph day, so that was nice.

  2. I love that three tier tub, where did you find it?
    I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie that I had recorded and stitched on a Christmas stocking that I was supposed to finish for Christmas 2017...