Monday, January 22, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-2

Thanks for checking in with me - all is well, life just got in the way over the last week or so but I'm back and here we go with Life Last Week and a catch-up of 365 Questions which I'll be turning into a weekly feature at the end of the weekly recap.

The weather:::
46 degrees and partly cloudy today with a high of 66 forecast.  We had another snow day last week - Winter Storm Inga dropped a couple of inches late Wednesday afternoon.  Schools were closed that day in anticipation of the storm and on a delay on Thursday because of the icy road conditions.  We then had two days of warmer temperatures that melted everything away.

On my reading pile:::
Finally finished Part Four of Keep the Home Fires Burning and haven't picked up anything new.  Haven't made it to the library yet this year either.

On my TV:::
We binged through Victoria on PBS Passport and can't wait for Season 3.  Morrocco, Love in Times of War on Netflix is quite good although the dubbed audio is terrible!  Grace and Frankie, Season 4, started on Friday and is always good for a laugh.  Looking forward to the return of Call the Midwife in March.

On the menu last week:::
This week I will endeavor to write down what we had for dinner so I can report next week.  If you take this to mean that I haven't a clue what's on the menu for the week ahead, you are absolutely right!

Checked off the list:::
  • Colonoscopy although the recovery was the roughest part - I was just about at the point of going back to the doctor for the abdominal pain when it went away - guess it was just a slightly longer than anticipated recovery.
  • Went to the diabetes education class (two higher than normal A1c labs got me this new diagnosis) - didn't really learn anything I didn't already know but it was nice to have the handouts and to set some goals with the educator.  I know what I NEED to do, it's just DOING it that is my problem.
  • Along those lines, we fell off the Whole 30 wagon big time and are struggling to get back on.  There are just so many temptations.

Crafts roundup:::
Worked to get the first three weeks of the year into my Project Life album so that I can work on and stick to a schedule for each week going forward.  Must remember to take a photo every day and print them out on Mondays.

Here's the updated 365 Questions for January:

January 1 - I want to change the direction my health is taking.
January 2 - I am most grateful for the love of my family.
January 3 - I have the freedom to volunteer, pursue my interests, and be at home when Vic's traveling gives him time off so yes, I am content.
January 4 - My best memory of last year was on August 20, the day we picked Sophia up from the airport after not having seen her for nine months.
January 5 -  My last major accomplishment was a trip to the dentist which left me not afraid to go back again.
January 6 - I could not live without my reading glasses!
January 7 - Yes, I believe that, with determination and support, people can change.
January 8 - The Sausage, Egg, Spinach, and Mushroom Casserole I made was the last "good" thing I ate as it was healthy and delicious.
January 9 - I'm not snacking on the Whole 30 right now but if I were snacking, I'd choose pretzels.
January 10 - I smiled when I woke up to find Vic touching my forehead to make sure I didn't have a temperature after my colonoscopy procedure yesterday.
January 11 - My favorite accessory is my Michael Kors electric blue Jet Set Medium Saffiano Leather Travel Tote which holds everything!
January 12 - I can't think of anything to be mad about today!
January 13 - We ate smoked pork butt, pasta salad, potato salad, and baked beans for dinner at Vic's co-worker's 40th birthday party.
January 14 - Among the things I got done today were laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and binge-watching Season 2 of Victoria.
January 15 - Sophia was the last person to call me on the phone.
January 16 - I am in love with Vic.
January 17 - I am grateful for wonderful friends, near and far.
January 18 - The best part of today was when I knew Vic had arrived safely at work after having to drive on icy roads.
January 19 - My current favorite website is The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor.
January 20 - My Type II diabetes diagnosis is the hardest thing I am dealing with right now.
January 21 - Today I wish I had more self-control when it comes to my eating habits.

And a little extra:::
How about those Patriots!

She may be embedded in Seahawks country but she's Tom's girl, through and through!


  1. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes on October 25, 2001. As you can see it was such an impact on me that I know the date. I am so fortunate in that I have learned to control mine with diet and exercise. I am thankful I do not have to take meds. I must admit though that the last year I have fallen off the wagon. I'm slowly working my way back on. It's an adjustment but I know you can do it!! It's hard to unlearn so many years of bad habits or misconceptions, but the rewards are worth it. Hang in there!!

  2. Such a pretty picture of Sophia! You are doing great with starting your diabetes wellness.