Monday, January 29, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-3

The weather:::
This week is crazy - rain today, snow tomorrow, sunny Wednesday and Thursday (high of 60 degrees forecast), and then snow again on Friday.  Talk about your ups and downs.

On my reading pile:::
Still haven't made it to the library.

On my TV:::
Finished up Morrocco, Love in Times of War on Netflix as well as Season 4 of Grace and Frankie.  We're working our way through Knightfall on The History Channel.  Looking forward to the Winter Olympics.

On the menu last week:::
Once again I have to report that this week I will endeavor to write down what we had for dinner so I can report next week.  Although I have a rough menu plan, I'm not sure whether we will stick to it or not!

Checked off the list:::
  • Went for Part II of my overseas screening and now my package has gone to Japan to see if they can support my medical needs (if any should come up).
  • Haircut - I have a cowlick right where my part falls and my hairdresser suggested growing out the bangs on that side so that the weight of the hair would make it less noticeable.  I was not happy when I left the hairdresser as my bangs only went 2/3 of the way across my forehead!  I'm happy to say that my blow-drying efforts (which are as dicey as my knife skills, lol) resulted in a better look.
  • A fun and very successful Rudolph Day - I hope I can keep the ball rolling through the year.
Crafts roundup:::
Still working on Project Life and I need to line up the supplies for my CIJ ornament for this year's swap so that I can work on it on February Rudolph Day.  It doesn't help that I have now found three other ornaments on Pinterest that are really cute and may be what I'll make instead!  I'm abandoning 365 Questions - I didn't write them down last week and it's a pain to try to remember the answers to the questions for each day.  I'm adding this one to Things to Do in 2019 - I actually found a couple's Question a Day journal at Barnes and Noble that looks interesting.  Need to think more about that.

I needed a photo of the two of us for my Project Life spread and we had another one of those sessions - take a picture (no, Vic's eyes were squinty), take another (wait, I wasn't smiling yet), take another (when we could both manage to stop laughing), take another (no, I wasn't ready for that one either), take another (I think that's the one!).


  1. Hahaha, I empathize at the whole selfie thing. I can not take one to save my life and Dan and I have tried to take one together a couple of times and they're awful too. I keep thinking about cutting my bangs (haven't done it since I was young) but I chicken out at the last minute. Maybe someday... Enjoy your week!

  2. We are the same way with selfies. I think it is a skill the younger crowd was born with. :)

  3. And did I miss that you are moving to Japan? What an adventure!