Monday, July 11, 2011

Christmas in July Day 10

It's going to be busy for the next day or two with friends coming for an overnight visit so if it's quiet on the blogging front, I'll be back in a few days.

Yesterday was a recipe day and the Spicy Sausage and Potato Squares were divine. Not only was the aroma to die for, but the taste was incredible and it was so easy. Sophia has my camera so I'll have to borrow this shot to show you:

Photo courtesy of and recipe available from

I didn't get a chance to watch Elf but I'll get to it soon. I started a thread over at the Magical Holiday Home forums about Hallmark Ornaments as this weekend is the Ornament Premiere. I've been collecting since 1984 and have a few on my shopping list for this year. Do you collect ornaments? Any particular kind?

Better run and get busy. I mentioned the other day that we were picking up my friend Natalie and her daughter at the airport and taking them to the local university for a five-day soccer camp. Natalie is my homeschooling friend from our Virginia days - she lives in Italy now but has been in the States for about the last month, visiting family, colleges, and chaperoning her daughter at soccer camp. We will pick them up tomorrow, head to Panera for lunch (when you live overseas, there are just some places you MUST visit when you come back to the States!), and then wander around Newport for a while if it's not too blisteringly hot, or raining as it is forecast to do sometime tomorrow. If the weather is bad, we'll probably whisk them off for a mansion tour and then head back to our house to catch up. They will stay the night and then we will take them to the airport in the morning. A flying (excuse the pun!) visit but it is great to have them here even for a few hours.

I'll leave you with this little guy, Popcorn Mouse from 1986. He's my favorite whimsical ornament from Hallmark.


UPDATE: Oops, the photo disappeared - I tried to save it and upload it here but that didn't work, so then I tried copy and paste but if you can't see it (I can't on my blog), you can check it out here - Popcorn Mouse

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