Friday, July 8, 2011

Christmas in July Day 7

Another hot, hot day yesterday. Peppemint Bark was on the recipe agenda and was it ever delicious!

Peppermint Bark

Here is my version - Sophia suggested putting the white chocolate on the bottom of the mold so it would get the pretty snowflake pattern.

It was very rich so I think I will be looking for a mold with smaller cups this holiday season and make 12 thinner snowflakes rather than the 6 I made.

12 Men of Christmas was very good, and no, they didn't bare it all! It reminded me of Calendar Girls with a bit of Love Actually thrown in. What I wouldn't give to have the house in the final scenes - all decorated for Christmas and with a party in full swing!

I'm off to the airport this morning to pick up my friend Natalie and her daughter. They are homeschooling friends from Virginia (2004-2007) and they are stationed in Italy now. Natalie has been doing some college visits with her elder daughter and chaperoning her younger daughter at a couple of soccer camps. We will drop them off at the local university for a five-day camp and then return to pick them up next Tuesday. They will stay Tuesday afternoon and evening with us and then we'll take them back to the airport on Wednesday morning. It will be so good to see them!

Rain is in the forecast for today so I have The Christmas Card to watch this afternoon and a couple more Gooseberry Patch books to flip through, Christmas (Book 1, 1999) and Celebrate Winter: Fireside Feasts and Merry Celebrations. A Half-Eaten Gingerbread Man ornament is on the agenda for today as well.

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