Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas in July Day 6

Yesterday was a low-key Christmas in July day. It was forecast to be 85 degrees so I knew that a relaxing, staying cool kind of day was in the cards. We don't have air-conditioning here in our house in Rhode Island - we don't really need it with so few hot weeks and we are fortunate that our house receives a lovely breeze most days. Yesterday, however, was hot and humid with very little breeze so a lot of moving around was out of the question. I spent the day browsing through this book that I picked up at the library.

One of my fellow forum-readers commented on how overwhelmed we can get at Christmas and don't we all know it? All our of senses are bombarded with Christmas sounds, smells, and scenes and add to that a book of over 600 recipes, crafts and decorating's just too much! Christmas in July is the perfect time to have a leisurely browse through a book like this and that's just what I did. After that, I watched Christmas with the Kranks (love the scene when Luther gets Botox!) and knitted a few more rows of my Christmas scarf. That was about it for today.

On Tuesday, I received my mold for the Peppermint Bark recipe that's on the agenda for today. I was disappointed that the mold I wanted had been discontinued by Wilton, but was very happy to find one on Ebay.

I've modified the recipe to make just these six candies - any more and my waistline is really going to suffer!

Today's feature comes from Netflix, 12 Men of Christmas. I love Kristin Chenoweth and when I was searching for Christmas movies, this came up. Here's the Netflix summary:

Devastated after losing both her influential job and her fiancé at the office holiday party, publicist E.J. Baxter (Kristin Chenoweth) flees New York and lands in Montana, where she decides to produce a racy calendar showing off the local guys. But some of the men take exception to her scheme to raise funds for a search-and-rescue team by having them bare it all. Meanwhile, Mr. December is raising E.J.'s pulse in this Lifetime Original Movie.

It's Not Rated, so I'm hoping they don't "bare it all" on film! I'm thinking not, since it was a Lifetime movie. I'll let you know tomorrow.

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