Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Christmas in July Day 18

I was so tired last night, I didn't have the energy to post but the good news is, the Berry Brunch Pizza turned out delicious and there wasn't a slice left! I did manage to make the Christmas Bauble ornament although I'm not quite as happy with it as I thought I would be. I followed the instructions but then took the wire out afterward and replaced it with a ribbon for hanging. I haven't got all my glue dots in the same place on each piece of paper so the slight lack of symmetry is bugging me (I'm all about symmetry!).

I've been watching The Holiday in spurts and hope to finish it today. It's one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies - I love Iris' cottage, Amanda's LA house, Miles, and, of course, Graham! Today is a baking day although it's supposed to be 88 degrees so we'll have to see if I get to my Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake. I'd like to halve the recipe but how to you halve an egg? A recipe for 12 is a bit big since I'll be the only one who eats it; a recipe for six would be breakfast for the next week assuming it keeps ok in the fridge and responds well to a quick zap in the microwave for reheating.

The builder comes today to start working on the door/deck project so that will be my main focus - can't wait to curl up in a chair on the deck with my morning coffee and a book. It's time for another chapter of The Snowglobe and I'm also working on Debbie Macomber's Angels at Christmas.

Hope you've having a fun Christmas in July - if you're stopping on July 25, we have less than a week to go!

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