Tuesday, August 4, 2015

If This is Tuesday, it must be England #20

Ever since my parents rented a holiday cottage for Christmas in 2001, I have been fascinated with publications and websites for holiday cottages. There are just about every kind of accommodations featured, in every corner of the United Kingdom and beyond, and in every price range. Barnacre Cottages are billed as "Luxury 5 Star Self Catering Holiday Cottages", and I have to admit the prices are in the luxury category, but who can resist the idea of an Aga? I certainly can't! So, into my Favorites they popped, and from time to time, when I'm feeling particularly nostalgic (I grew up in Lancashire) and hoping to win the lottery, I take a little wander in Neverneverland and imagine a fortnight's holiday at The Piggeries or The Old Stables or Mole End.

The Piggeries Lounge
Mole End's Kitchen (with Aga!)
The Old Stables Conservatory
So, my recommendations here are purely virtual, but one day, I hope to visit Barnacre Cottages and tell you what they are really like.