Monday, August 3, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-30


1. A great second week at work which ended with my first payday in many years. #$$laughingallthewaytothebank$$ (I don't tweet but I couldn't resist putting that in there!)

2. Sophia came home for the weekend and we had a lovely lazy time but we also ran some errands aka shopping. #lookatthedamagethechildcandotothebankbalance! OK, last #!

3. Modeled the latest in industrial fashion for my Facebook friends and received some hilarious comments. I think we all agree that it needs a plume and a touch of plaid!

4. Had a fun time decorating my first set of planner pages since all my sticker orders came in last week. I'm not quite happy with the final outcome so we'll see what next week's set looks like and then maybe I'll share.

5. A bit of royalty/aristocracy goodness to share. Princess Caroline of Hanover's son, Pierre Casiraghi marries Beatrice Borromeo in a religious ceremony (civil ceremony preceded this event). What a stunning dress!

Hello Magazine

1. RIP Cilla Black - an icon from my childhood.

2. Hot, hot, hot, hot...go away! Wretched weather for grey-cloudy-rainy lovers like myself.

3. Not really a worst, but a disappointment - Sophia and I took a look at the house we were offered on the base and it didn't appeal to us at all. Small, not in a great location, on the fringe of an office building, just not for us.


  1. I love reading your posts :) Good luck on the new job

  2. Glad to hear the job's going well, Pamela, sorry the house didn't work out though.