Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-32


1. Work continues to be great - learning more each day, taking on more each day. I'm really enjoying it.

2. Another yummy new color, Watermelon by Essie.

3. An enjoyable day out at the Navy Wives Clubs of America Area Council. I traveled across the water on the ferry with two of the elders, our affectionate name for the ladies who have kept the club running for years. It was nice getting to know them better.

4. Lovely chats with Vic from out on the high seas - I am fortunate that he has a phone right in his office and that it can still reach from wherever he is to here. Not too much longer now.

5. More fabulous planner supplies - Sophia's hooked too so we're sharing the loot and having a lot of fun decorating our pages.


1. Still waiting for the full cost of the house repairs - so far only the cost for refinishing the bedroom floors has come in and that's enough to send me into a swoon.

2. As much as I am enjoying work, I have yet to find as much pleasure in getting up at 4:00am every morning.

3. A paper wasps' nest in the backyard and poor MudLynn got stung the other day. The landlord will get it sorted.


  1. 4 am??!!!! Goodness, that's horrid, not surprised it made your 'worsts' list!

  2. Geez that is early!
    I like the way you condense all in the good & worst of the week