Monday, August 31, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-34


1. Another great week at work - I love to stay busy, it just makes the time fly.

2. Dinner with my friend Yasmeen on Friday - she's a trainer for Family Readiness and we met when I took the class some time ago. She's got a delightful British accent and as we chatted, I found out that not only was she from Manchester, but she was actually from Bury, part of my old stomping grounds. Anyway, I haven't seen her since I started work and she had been to Victoria, British Columbia recently so we had a lot to talk about.

3. Shopped at Macy's with my Shop for a Cause discount (25%). We woke up to rain and wind on Saturday morning and I think it played havoc with some of their electrics. My discount card wasn't working but fortunately, the March of Dimes was also having a Shop for a Cause day that day and the cashiers were able to scan their discount cards. Bonus...their discount was 30%. I managed to score a nice pair of navy dress pants and a Seattle Seahawks infinity scarf. It's Blue Fridays at work during the football season and since I didn't want to pay $100 for a Seahawks jersey, a navy blue top and my infinity scarf will work perfectly.

4. Absolutely poured down with rain yesterday afternoon - light rain in the morning but it turned into bucketloads in the afternoon and evening. That's a good thing because even my East Coast and UK friends have been commenting about the wildfires in this part of the northwest and it is a huge relief to the exhausted firefighters to see rain.

5. Not really a best for me, but one for Sophia. One week to go before she heads back to Bellingham and her own apartment. I'm excited for her.


1. Poor MudLynn got stung by a wasp again. These are paper wasps that have built a nest in the wood of a raised bed in the garden, right at her level. The landlord came out to take a look and he's going to take care of them.

2. Another icon of my childhood in the UK has died - Stephen Lewis has gone to the great bus depot in the sky. I remember him fondly from "On the Buses", a great British comedy. He was the last surviving member of the crazy trio below.

RIP Stephen Lewis (left) with Reg Varney and Bob Grant
3. Absolutely fed up with a silly little chit of a girl at work who is so unpleasant, it's ghastly. Found out that someone else could help me with what I needed to ask her so this really should be in the Bests section. Why do some people go out of their way to be so unhelpful?

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  1. Sounds like another busy week, Pamela. I have to say, I really don't miss that part of working in an office - the silly and unhelpful colleagues - I've come across a fair few of these over the years!