Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-31


1. A busy week at work - finally got full computer access and started timekeeping for the various supervisors who work in our product line. It is going quite well and I am feeling more comfortable in the environment. There is still a lot to learn but everyone is very helpful.

2. Still tweeking my planner although it is going to be so handy when I get it up and running full-time. I loved Caroline's vlog How I Stay Organized - having a planner really is the key. I just have to figure out the best way to make it work for me. The planner industry has really exploded here in the USA with a whole list of companies who make planners, companies who make planner-organizing embellishments, and Etsy stores that have taken planner stickers to a whole new level.

Still tweeking - I need to move those strips with the hearts over to the left-hand side of the boxes and use them to check off To-Do List items - menu-planning at the bottom is very dull as I grill up some meat on Sundays and just pop it in the microwave during the week - will expand on that when we resume regular family meals (FYI, Sam is Sophia's fish and I have to put Aquarium Salt in his tank in the evenings)
3. Sophia finishes up her Wrangler job for the summer and will be home tonight (this should really be featured under next week's LLW but hey, it's my blog and I'm excited to see her!). She will continue on at the camp until she heads back to college but only on weekends. It will be lovely to have her home during the week.

4. Our tenants in Rhode Island moved out and after three years, took good care of our house. There are a few things that need to be fixed but they are in the normal wear and tear category. I am very thankful for a super property manager and his contractor son who will take care of everything. Having to pay the bill, however, will come under the Worsts category! Our new tenants are scheduled to move in on August 29th.

5. A great meeting of our local Navy Wives Clubs of America chapter with another new member joining us. Nominations for officers for the new year are out and I am on the list for Secretary which is perfect for me. Looking forward to connecting with some of the members from our region at an event this coming weekend.


1. As I said above, repairs on the Rhode Island house. Ka-ching!

2. Poldark's last episode on PBS' Masterpiece. Although I loved the original, the new series grew on me and I was sorry to see it end. I am looking forward to Season 2. The Crimson Field also ended and there will not be a second season.

3. More 80+ degree days featuring in the week's forecast. No, no, no, no!


  1. I'm glad to hear work is going so well. Hope you get some cooler temps soon!

  2. I will trade your temps for my temps. Its been 104 everyday for the last week and 106 today.
    I need to get a new planner!!

  3. I love spending time on my planners & lists