Monday, March 14, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-11

Almost halfway through March already, where is the time going? It was another busy week at work for the four and a half days that I was there. Monday just flew by and then I took Tuesday morning off to go with Sophia to Olympic College for orientation and placement testing. Orientation was informative but we have rather a unique situation and fortunately, we were able to get all the answers we needed from a combination of the registration office, the Veterans' Affairs office, the advising office, and the local office of the Virginia university that she will attend which happens to have an online campus here at the community college. It turns out that she will not be taking a conventional classload this quarter as it's pointless to enroll in community college classes since she's already completed the lower-level classes that they offer and the online program for Virginia is on a semester system (we are on quarters here in Washington) so they are already in the middle of the spring semester. So, she will take the two fashion classes that are offered this spring and work since she was fortunate enough to get a transfer to the Petsmart in our area. That was a huge blessing because she hasn't really worked for the company long enough for a transfer but her boss was very accommodating and happy to pass on a reliable and conscientious employee to another branch. So, not the day we planned, but all in all, it was productive.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful but Saturday made up for that. First, the monthly meeting of the Navy Wives and then a two-hour wait to get the car serviced - 30,000 miles already (ka-ching). Then errands, Michael's for some small baking pans so I can make a week's worth of the Whole 30 breakfast egg dish I've been making, then a trip to the Asian store for supplies for Vic's care package, and finally Trader Joe's and Ulta. I went straight from there to my friend's thirty-one bags party. She cooked enough Southern food for an army and that was tough for this Whole 30 girl to sit through! A tiny piece of pork tenderloin and a little bit of brisket was my dinner while the others sitting at my table consumed their weight in biscuits and sausage gravy, macaroni and cheese, and corn bread not to mention carrot cake and something called Sunday Afternoon Delight (imagine a cheesecake layer, a pudding layer, lots of Cool Whip, and shaved chocolate).  Rainy, windy, dark drive home because she lives almost an hour away; I did a few things around the house and then headed to be just after 11:00pm only to be woken up by a Facetime call from Vic at midnight. He's in port in Busan, Korea and was enjoying a little down time at the local Starbucks. He signed up for a tour so I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

On Sunday, I was supposed to travel across the water to attend a Navy Wives officers' installation for one of our sister clubs but the weather forecast (extremely high wind warnings) was grim so I bowed out. I'm glad I did because the ferries on that route have been cancelled this afternoon and there has already been a tractor-trailer overturn on the bridge that is the other route we would have to take to drive the long way around. I'm hoping those who traveled up there get home safely. It's been a day of cooking, cleaning, laundry, organizing the office, and other miscellaneous chores. So far the power flickered off and then came back on, but many of my friends in other areas have been without since early this afternoon.

12 days until Sophia comes home and I can't wait.


  1. Glad to hear you're surviving the nasty weather. Your Whole 30 willpower is inspiring!

  2. Well done on sticking to the whole 30, Pamela - very strong willpower!