Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Chico, California 1987
Me, my sister Barbara, and Dad at my grandmother's apartment. I was feeling fabulous - lost a lot of weight (thanks to Mom who did all the healthy cooking) - look, I have cheekbones! - and we had an amazing Day after Thanksgiving shopping trip to Macy's where I picked up outfits that all fit beautifully - the best fitting room experience I have ever had! That's a silk blouse I'm wearing in, I think, a size 12. Hoping to get back down there again soon.

I love this photo of my Dad. He had the most infectious smile and laugh - I miss him terribly but am thankful for wonderful memories.


  1. You are always beautifully turned out!

  2. What a lovely post and yes my cheekbones were far better when my mum was cooking my meals!

    Victoria x