Monday, March 28, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-13

Another week down, another week closer to Vic coming home. Work x five filled the days and there was plenty of other activity. Monday night was the March meeting of the Family Readiness Group with a speaker from the Fleet & Family Support Center on Finances. Great conversation - lots of really good questions led to more discussion and we covered many financial topics. It was Toiletries month for the Adopt a Sailor donations and it was so neat to see that most families thought of the female sailors with their donations of girly products. Sometimes donations for single sailors seem to focus on the guys so it was great to see the focus on the gals.

Tuesday was the final day of my second Whole 30. I'll stop calling it the Whole 30 and rename it my healthy eating lifestyle change because this is the way I plan to eat as much as possible. There will be splurges, but they will be once in a while events. Sophia drove down on Tuesday morning and I took off early from work so we were able to spend the afternoon and evening together. Unfortunately, our plans to have a British telly evening were derailed by what appears to be a malfunction with the TV so we ended up watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix on my laptop. The TV is seven years old; is that about the lifespan of a flat screen?

I flew out of bed and straight to the scales on Wednesday morning - drum roll please...more drum roll please...minus 11.5 pounds this month for a total of 20.5 in the last two months!! I am happy, happy, happy.
And this is what I've lost:
How's that for a visual?
Thursday and Friday zoomed by and it was the weekend already. On Saturday morning, the Family Readiness Group held an Easter Egg Hunt for the children and decorated a handprint banner to send to the ship. I volunteered to mail it so I stopped by to pick it up and ended up staying for a while chatting. I miss the Family Readiness Group days when I had a little one. So many fun things to do with the little ones.

The rest of Saturday was spent in a flurry of errands - groceries, Michael's, and Costco for gas. Home for laundry and other chores as well as more Grey's Anatomy. I don't know where I left off when I used to watch it so I just started from the beginning again.

Easter Sunday dawned wet here in the Pacific Northwest. I got ready for church and headed out, deciding to re-visit one of the churches that Vic and I visited when he was home. There are three that we are looking at here - can't quite narrow down which one is the best fit for us so now is the time for me to work on that. I like the one I re-visited today; it's not too big (which I like) but the music program is not quite what I'd like it to be. Worship music is really important to me. The second church is Vic's favorite so far - it has a good music program (although for me, it's too loud) and the church is large. I feel like no-one is ever going to know our names and that bothers me. The third one we only visited once so I'll give it another try but I think it's still going to be the least favorite.

Home to cook for the week - roasted cabbage, roasted potatoes and carrots, and chocolate mousse cups for an event tomorrow. It took all the willpower I had NOT to squirt the leftover mousse in the piping bag directly into my mouth but I prevailed! I have had a few splurges since the weigh-in on Wednesday but I was drawing the line at the chocolate mousse.

I worked hours on a care package for Vic and then packed it and sealed it all up without taking a photo. I was so excited for him to get the package, not for the decoration, but for the contents. I went on a shopping trip to the Filipino store and picked up all of his favorites and I could not wait for him to get it. I also told him to take a photo when he received it. When I saw on the ship's Facebook page that a mail drop happened on Friday, I e-mailed him to ask if he had received it. I'm still smiling at our conversation:

Me: I hear there's a mail call - any sign of your package?
Vic: I have the package. I will take it to my stateroom and take a picture.
Me: I hope the items in the plastic bag are ok - maybe a quick refresh in the microwave or dunk them in your coffee?
Vic: I will let you know. I will open it when I knock off ship's work tonight.
Me: You really should open it now. You'll be glad you did.

Excited much, do you think? Hopia, by the way, is Vic's favorite snack - it's a dessert consisting of a tender, flaky pastry filled with sweetened mung bean paste.

What a great end to my week and guess what's going in every box from now on, whatever the theme? I think he's so busy eating his hopia that he's forgotten to send the picture. Hopefully he'll send it soon.

Hope you had a great Easter!


  1. Congratulations, Pam! I know you've worked so hard to change your eating habits. And thank you for a sample of your conversation with Vic...that is great! :D

  2. Way to go! I would be pleased to lay down a few sacks of potatoes too...when I think of how tiring it is to carry around!

    Such a sweet care package and classic response to its arrival. :)

    Have a great week.