Monday, April 9, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-13

The weather:::
 Cool-ish to start, in the 50s for a couple of days, then up to 60, then 72, and then finishing up the week in the high 70s.  Spring is here, I think, at last.

On my reading pile:::
Still working my way through the top book on of this pile, with the second one as my next book.

On my TV:::
Loved The Big Family Cooking Showdown on Netflix - what a great variety of families and cooking styles.

Checked off the list:::
  • The first few days of the A to Z project.  I'm getting off to a slow start and will most likely do this just as a purely fun-for-me project since I haven't had time to visit other participants and not many have stopped by over here.  I've said it before, you really need to plan your posts in advance and I just didn't get that done this year.
  • Spent most of the week on the charity project - updated the contact list, shredded all the old applications, sent out the award letters for this year; April is a busy month as I get everything lined up for the big presentation event in May.
  • Energy inspector came and found a broken water meter - we don't pay for water so not a big deal but nice to have a new one.
  • Sophia paid the deposit on her new apartment and she is so excited to move into what she's calling her Bachelorette Pad as opposed to the College Apartment she is moving from.
  • Had a three-hour lunch with my friend Ginny; we figured out it's been 3 1/2 years since we last saw each other so we had a LOT of catching up to do.
  • Vic spent two days in Annapolis, Maryland.
Crafts roundup:::
Nothing for me but the loveseat is coming along nicely.

And in other news:::
I'm looking forward to the 12th Annual Tea Cup & Mug Exchange.  I will be getting my exchange partner this week and then I can go shopping.

Thinking about this little girl as she gets ready to have a few teeth pulled - such is life when you're almost 98 (is it still 1 dog year = 7 human years?)

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  1. I enjoy catching up with you, your posts are always fun to read. I looked up the dog years/people years a few weeks ago with the grandkids and learned that it's NOT 7 to 1. It depends on the breed of the dog. So our Lab mix who is 12 is older in people years than our Yorkie mix who is 14. What??!! It was very interesting... Have a great week!