Monday, April 2, 2018

Life over the Last two Weeks 2018-11 & 12

The weather:::
 April showers bring May flowers and that's what we're getting five out of the seven days this week.  I'm not complaining - that's perfect tea-drinking weather.  I know, I know, I must have been a duck in my former life to love the wet this much.

On my reading pile:::
Did quite a bit of reading on the plane trip to Washington and the return - glad I was able to download the books from the library website.

On my TV:::
Zumbo's Just Desserts and Nailed It, a couple of dessert competition shows on Netflix and of course, Call the Midwife on PBS.  I also lucked out with my PBS Passport subscription as I was able to watch Season 1 of Jamestown.  It won't be shown on the regular PBS so I hope Season 2 will be available to Passport subscribers as well because, of course, they left us on a cliffhanger.

Checked off the list:::
  • Vic got his orders - not quite the dates we wanted but very close - we'll be leaving Virginia earlier in November and he'll have to report to Okinawa in December but a day or two after Christmas should work.
  • Week in the Life goodies went on sale on Ali Edwards' website for a May memory-keeping project.  I bought the kit but I'm not sure if I'll use it this year.
  • Flew to Washington on Thursday, March 22 - three flights but uneventful.  There was snow on the ground in Philadelphia but not on the runways.  Alaska Airlines (our third leg) was brilliant - great legroom, great service, will definitely fly them again.
  • My sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews came into town for Sophia's graduation so we had a quick family reunion.  It was lovely to see them for Sophia's big day.
  • We are now the parents of a college graduate (confirmed on Monday when her final grades were posted)!
  • Neighborhood searching on our final two days in Washington - crossed a few off the list, looked at a lot of possibilities, and, as luck would have it, found the perfect house.  Please, please, please, don't anyone buy it until we are ready!
  • Flew home on Tuesday, March 27 - not so uneventful.  Our middle flight was delayed which would have meant missing our final flight but fortunately, all this came about first thing in the morning so American was able to change the entire itinerary.  We had two flights on the way back with a four-hour layover in Philadelphia but arrived home only an hour later than our original plan.
  • Straight back to work for Vic and a mountainous load of laundry for me - how can two people wear so many clothes?
  • Charity distribution meeting went well - all funds allocated relatively easily.  Great discussion and lovely lunch provided by our hostess.
  • Doctor's appointment - no surprises there.
  • Bangs trim.
  • Sophia signed the lease on a new apartment for next year.
  • Great British Bake Off's fabulous Easter Masterclass - love Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood - wish they would bring out the Masterclasses on DVD.
  • Easter Sunday service and brunch were cancelled as Vic was up all night on Saturday with a bad headache.  He's feeling better now which is good because he's traveling this week.
Crafts roundup:::
Nothing for me but Vic picked up upholstery tacks as the fabric for the loveseat arrived while we were gone.  Will share before and after pictures when the project is completed.

And in other news:::
Here she is - Sophia, B.A., Multidisciplinary Studies with a minor in English.  On to her Master's in Teaching for Elementary Education and into the real world soon.

Waiting for Commencement to begin - Vic and me with my sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews

The day before graduation, we went to the barn to shoot some horsey photos.

It was a wonderful trip and we can't wait to move back to Washington.


  1. I just love the pictures of your family. Congrats on the college graduation. I need to look for some of the shows you mentioned. I love my PBS Passport subscription!

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip! Congrats to your daughter on her graduation.