Monday, April 30, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-16

The weather:::
 No sprinter here - we're plunging headlong into sprummer with temperatures in the mid-80s during the week.  I'll be hibernating with the air conditioning on HIGH.

On my reading pile:::
Everything on this pile has gone or is going back to the library.  Murder in an English Village was delightful and I'm looking forward to the second book in the series.  I couldn't get into The Inheritance at all - lots of literal Scottish talk in that one and I just wasn't in the mood to interpret sentences like "'Tis naethin' mair tae be done" and keep a real rhythm going in my reading.  The Promise of Dawn was a tried and true Lauraine Snelling favorite, love her writing style of the lives of Norwegian immigrants.  Kick Kennedy was a great biography and I loved Barbara Taylor Bradford's Cavendon Hall and I've now moved on to the second book in that series.  I'll have a new photo for you next week.

On my TV:::
Worked my way through the Great British Menu on Netflix which is a competition series between the great chefs of Britain as they battle it out to have a place in cooking for the banquet for the 2012 British Olympians.  Amazing gastronomy there with foams and distillations and rabbit five ways.  No more lukewarm and covered with gravy British cooking here.  I also found The Last Post on Amazon Prime which I'm enjoying immensely.

Checked off the list:::
  • Two lunches last week - a farewell for our spouses' group adviser as she heads to Hawaii and the monthly Lunch Bunch - both very enjoyable.
  • April Rudolph Day
  • Mailed off both of my exchange packages - the Nail Polish Swap and the 12th Annual Tea Cup & Mug Exchange - and received my nail polish swap package in the mail - reveal coming May 8
  • Gathered up all the charities event RSVPs and sent them off to the base access contact
  • Spent a fun morning at the 65th Annual NATO Parade of Nations - we met a delightful couple who were visited from Kentucky and enjoyed chatting with them while we watched the parade
  • Dropped Vic at the airport as he jetted off to Maine for the week
Crafts roundup:::
Loveseat still coming along and I ditched the yo yo idea for something else. Yo yos and I were not compatible at all!

And in other news:::
The royal baby got his name - Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge - that's Lew-ee not Lewis if you didn't know.

This parade participant from Italy was a huge hit with everyone and so accommodating for a quick selfie!