Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Monthly Goals - May 2018

I was inspired by Caroline (Mrs. M)'s You Tube video to get back on the goals bandwagon.  I haven't done a monthly goals post since July 2017 and I really need to set some goals.  I went searching for some artwork (future goal:  use Photoshop Elements to make my own) and found this great photo and an excellent article - Most People Are Bad at Setting Goals, Here's How to Do it Right.  Although the article discusses goals in terms of employers and employees, I found it relevant to personal goals.

Here we go for May 2018:

➤ Lose five pounds.  That's doable don't you think?  Of course, if the month ends and I've lost seven, or ten, or even more, that would be brilliant but let's start with five.
➤ Read for at least thirty minutes each day.  I picked up some great books from the library and I need to have a dedicated time to enjoy them.
➤ Blog every day Monday through Saturday.  I'll be revving up some of my old memes and looking for some new ones.
➤ Take at least one photo every day.  I need to get back to my Project Life album and to do that, I need a daily photo.  Tied into this goal is the sub-goal of downloading, labeling, and filing my photos at least once a week.  Daily would be better but I'll shoot for once a week.
➤  Sort and inventory one box each day.  Moving time is coming and here in Footlocker and Toteville, I need to get these boxes organized so I know what is where.

See you in June!

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