Thursday, May 24, 2018

That's Just Wrong

As the newlyweds drove off to their lunchtime reception with family and friends, those looking to make a quick buck (or pound) headed to the nearest computer to post their official gift on Ebay.  As of yesterday afternoon, there were 30+ bags with their commemorative items up for auction with prices now ranging from $500 to $13,000.  I haven't read all of the posts, but I don't think you'll find very many with the description "All proceeds to be donated to (insert name of charity)".  No, friends, what you have here is pure greed.  2640 of these bags were made available to a group of select guests - representatives of the charities associated with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, schoolchildren, and residents of the town of Windsor.  They were given a privileged spot to view the arrival and departure of the wedding party and guests and a limited edition official gift on top of that.  It's disgraceful.