Thursday, May 3, 2018

Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt

It's over...the charity event that I have been building up to for the last four months is in the bag.  Done...I the T-shirt!

Seriously, I loved every (ok, maybe not every, so let's say almost every) minute of being the Charities Committee Chairperson for our local spouses' group.  Our boutiques raised a lot of money and we gave it all away to worthy charities that serve our military community.  It was wonderful to meet the representatives of these charities, to hear about the work they are doing, to accept their thanks for our donations on behalf of our group.

I'll be featuring some of the organizations in upcoming blog posts and I'll think you'll join me in agreeing that the work they do is amazing!

By the way, there wasn't a T-shift but there was a big sale at the boutique so I did my bit to help add to the pot for next year's charity event.

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